Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Trendy words of "Gratitude" "Forgiveness" and "Enlightenment"

Its funny when I first moved out to L.A. I had sweet, dear friends and fans of my music a little worried that I'd be in the belly of the beast and end up like Lindsay Lohan. What I've come to realize is like any other place you happen to be... you have a choice be the best version of yourself, or the worst version of yourself. I have found myself really seeking spiritual enlightenment. I have not had the easiest life, nor do I believe there is any person alive that doesn't have a cross to bear.  We are all individually tested and I believe it's in how we get through our problems that strengthen our spirit.  I've been through my share of disappointments in friends, co-workers, family members ect ect and being a passionate person, I have always let people know exactly how I feel about my disappointments. My Mother would always say just forgive them and move on, but for the longest time I felt as though I could not forgive someone who is so blind to what they've done, they don't even ask for forgiveness. Here is what I've learned about that.... you forgive to let the burden free from your heart, it is a negative feeling and has no business making a home in your world. Life is too short to dwell and what we are responsible for is our reaction.

The more negative thoughts and feelings we submerge ourselves in, the more we attract it into our life. I have never seen someone do something terrible to another and NOT have karma pay a big visit to their front door step. So it's important to let it go, shake it off and just know it's not your job to seek revenge, or to have that final word that will lay heavy on your own spirit later.

Our job is to figure out a way to make peace with any situation we are in and to remember there is always someone who has it worse. I'm sure we all had a family member tell us we needed to finish our meals as kids because there were children in Africa that were starving.... My smart ass answer was "well I don't live in Africa, I live in New York and I hate spinach" LOL but the point being made is appreciate the options that are available to you. Every New Age book you read talks about gratitude and it's very trendy to say you are grateful, but it would astound you how amazing it is to TRULY feel grateful. Once you feel gratitude for the simplest things, you will find it easier to develop unwavering faith in your dreams. Appreciate the people in your life and know that both good and bad create who you are today. Become wiser from negative situations, not bitter and jaded. I tend to post quotes that inspire me on my Facebook Fan page and this is one of my favorites!!!

 ♥ There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul ♥


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Favorite Skin Care Products & Cosmetics That I SWEAR BY

 I am often asked who does my make-up and what are my favorite products. Well before my break with Hed Kandi I worked both as a freelance make-up artist for Chanel, Elizabeth Arden, Christian DIor, ect ect and then managed an Elizabeth Arden Counter and Estee Lauder counter. So I was trained to do my own make-up ,plus I had a knack for applying make-up ,as I started at  a very young age (behind my parents back, 12 to be exact). I thought my Mother was so beautiful and I loved watching her apply her make-up, she was a make-up artist as well, so I would steal her lipsticks and use them for my lips and as a blush LOL and black eyeliner and mascara. My bus would arrive sharp at 6:20am I would kiss her good-bye and start applying the moment I got in my seat. As soon as I returned on the bus at 2:15pm sharp I would get on the bus and start to vigorously remove the make-up with toilet paper and spit LOL....I was 12 give me a break :)

I am still very much  a make-up girl...I feel glamorous when I wear it and there really isn't a time that I go out & not wear it. Even to the gym I apply waterproof mascara and lipgloss and liner :) That's Just me.... I'm definetly not a wash n go kinda gal :)

I've always had problems with my skin, not so much with full on acne, but with monthly break-outs during THE CURSE, The ENEMY or if you are not lookin to be preggars YOUR FRIEND. Over the years I have tried EVERY single product there is and I have found the magic tools which I'd like to share with you all as well.


Night Time routine

1. Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford Skin Softening Cleanser (Plain Neutrogena Soap works as well and is over the counter less $)

At first I was put off a bit because it wasn't foamy and you apply the cream in circular motions onto dry skin. The results... your skin really does have a glow to it , the infomercial is not exaggerating, I actually really do see a difference in both the texture and glow.


If you happen to have a boil (large pimple/spot) this product will zap it away with results showing within the first 2 nights of application. It reduces the severity, size and frequency of break-outs Specifically targeting cystic pimples and large clusters of acne.


With this mask used in conjuction with the buffering lotion you will see results just after one use. You should use it 2-3 times a week for 20 minutes each time.


This was prescribed to me by a dermatologist, so it is not an over the counter product. It absolutely works to fade any dark spots from acne scars, but you MUST use it every day as it takes quite some before you start to see results.

5. Clinique Under Eye Cream
What I found working at all the expensive cosmetic counters is, most  skin care products are overrated such as Chanel. Certain Estee Lauder products are OK ,such as fruition but over priced.  To be honest all these anti- aging creams help, but they don't do what botox does and it'll cost you the same amount in the long run, If you buy these products don't have the expectations of having the same results you would get with'll never happen at least not with any product out there yet.

I really like Clinque's skincare line in general, it's great for all skin types and not loaded with fragrance. So the under eye cream is my choice it gets the job done and doesn't promise any miracles :)


(It's easy on all skin types, softens, smooths  and improves texture :)




This is an invisible foundation, covers and evens skin tone perfectly. Its great for every day use and with everyone being so camera happy these days and posting pics up of their friends on Facebook ,seems like you don't need to be a Rock Star these days to  be camera ready at all times. Every girl has that one catty girlfriend that loves to post bad pictures of you and NOT crop you out even at request LOL So this will keep your skin looking flawless and lasts!!! It reflects lights and works beautifully  with the camera without looking heavy!!

2. Elizabeth Arden has AWESOME  everyday foundations as well

  A. Elizabeth Arden Mousse Flawless Finish Makeup is perfect for VERY light sheer coverage. Great to slightly even out skin tones and for summer!! Natrual coverage, translucent finish. Makeup so flawless, so natural, it looks like your own skin. This light, airy cloud of color covers just enough and lets your skin breath. Clinically, dermatologist and allergy tested.

 B. Flawless Finish Sponge-On Cream Makeup-
Versatile cream foundation in a portable compact. Glides on, covers almost any flaw. Moisture-rich makeup with light diffusing particles to help diminish imperfections.
Adjustable coverage
Satin Finish

 C. Flawless Finish Dual Perfection Makeup SPF 8

Ultra fine jet-milled powder and foundation in one. Adjustable coverage. Matte finish. Oil-free. SPF 8.

Beauty Tip:
Apply wet for a soft matte makeup look

Apply dry for a finish powder.

 D. Elizabeth Arden Foundation Ceramide Plump Perfect Makeup SPF15
This is great for mature skin.

Offers medium to full coverage. Smoothes out fine lines & wrinkles. Evens out skin tone & gives luminous finish. Long wearing. Non-comedogenic & oil-free.

I've done make-overs on so many mature woman that freaked over this product.... it really gives a beautifully dewy glow!!


Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Dual Perfection Brow Shaper & Eyeliner: Natural Black
Brow shaper & eyeliner in one. Apply wet or dry as an eyeliner for a dramatic effect.

I use Fawn which is great for brown hair with Honey Highlights but I find all the colors work naturally on each person. it comes with a little brush as well. Its My FAVORITE hands down.

I LOVE MAC products but their eye brow compact isn't 1/2 as good as this!!!


A highly pigmented eye color that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish. The next generation of a popular M·A·C formula, Long-wearing, colorfast. Creates seamless coverage without weight or caking. Blends smoothly over the lids. Cream-based, can be mixed with M·A·C shadows and liners.


ALL MAC eyes could literally run a marathon and those colors stay put especailly when used with the paint pot!!!
MAKE-UP FOREVER- for glammed up super  shimmering DAZZLE


STILA- Amazing for your inside water lines.....very vibrant and LASTS!!!  KAJAL EYE LINER- ONYX


MAC STUDIO FIX -For full coverage



LOREAL -either the grey or gold tube just works miracles. Lengthens & Thickens. No need to spend $30 yes... there are other Mascaras that rock with high price tags on them but you will get the same exact results.

If you are a cosmetic counter freak however. I'd recommend Lancome Definicils, BAD GAL LASH BENEFIT, Christian Dior (amazing but dries out quickly) Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara What it is: A duo-ended two brush mascara, so no lash is forgotten and last but NOT least Elizabther Arden.

***BENEFIT  has amazing products both for very young girls and for woman that don't wear tons of make- up and prefer a more natural look. The blushes are great ( DALLAS is my FAV) Eyebright -for dark under eye circles used with Eyewish. The high beam highlighter relfect a beautiful sheen above the cheekbone.


STILA -all colors

Wet N WIld - 711- I have used this for years and years and years and it lasts forever and looks great with everything and its  only $1.99

   ANYTHING MAC- BEST SHEEN ,GREAT FOR CAMERA....a bit to0 sticky for dates and  kissing :) LOL
   NARS- TURKISH DELIGHT for a dramatic baby pink pout <3

Monday, January 17, 2011

My Personal Experience @ The Agape Spiritual Center

 Sunday January 17th, was a particularly special day and there were all these little life shoves that gave me this gorgeous experience.  It started as I strolled down the aisles of Wholefoods and came across a book section. I was determined to to start my 2011 eating much healthier foods and browsed through the shelves. I came across spiritual readings by Eckhart Tolle which have helped me so much and next to those books was THE SECRET. Now mind you I have seen the DVD and own the book already I just  have them in storage back east.  On impulse I grabbed it and brought it up to the register. The cashier was a young, stocky ,spanish guy ....he smirked and said,"Honey where have you been this is so Oprah 5 years ago" Slightly embarrassed I laughed, and couldn't even get myself to say it was even more pathetic, I have the book and DVD already LOL. Anyway, the following day I went to get my hair done by a BRILLIANT hairstylist in West Hollywood named Fabian. As he lightened my locks we spoke about our vegetable cleanses, hiking the trails of Runyon Canyon, and then we got on the topic of the power of thought.... and we laughed and said I guess you read THE SECRET too. He then went on to tell me that Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith from the movie/book THE SECRET has a spiritual center right down the road and that it's suppose to be an amazing experience, all types of people go to listen to lectures, sermons ect .  Anyway distracted by my gorgeous haircut/color I didn't grab the name of the center. The following day I logged onto my facebook page and was excited to see a Facebook friend named Jeremy Weinglass  was performing his show The Odyssey  that night...I clicked on his page to get info and there was a picture of him and his beautiful wife Kim @ The Agape Center!!! Now I had the name and googeld for info immediately.  I found the address and read about it. I decided that I would hit the 6pm service on Sunday. Jeremy's show by the way was a great start to a peaceful , gorgeous weekend. His show was phenomenal!!!

Sunday morning I sipped on my PG tips tea, reading a bit of Eckhart Tolle and  The Secret, went to the gym for an hour, and got ready for the service. Unfortunately at the moment my GPS is down so I have been subjected to using my iPHONE GPS ( I don't advise anyone to do this while driving.... freakin Dangerous) Anyway, for some reason this damn phone decided to take me on the scenic route to the center about 40 minutes out of the way.... into the HEART of Culver City.... Thoughts of gang wars I saw on a documentary in L.A.  started swirling through my head, and I  found myself bowing my head in case a stray bullet would graze my hair follicles. My iPhone then began to freeze every 2 seconds and the battery started running low. I AM NOT from L.A. I had NO idea where I was.... I just knew it was bad and not exactly the place I could pull over and ask for directions. I saw a young woman pushing a stroller with 2 children in it and just thought how grateful I was to not be in her position. How lucky I was to not live in this environment.

I finally got off these intricate side streets and found a main rd which lead me out of the area into a more pleasant industrial area where I found the center. I was so nervous, not knowing what to expect and my nerves in general were shot....I had definitely mumbled every single swear word in the car ride there, had a few words with God very similar to Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty "WHY DO YOU HATE ME" LOL. So I felt like a chaotic mess as I walked in. A sweet gentleman walked in along side me and said "your first time?"  I smiled thinking am I that obvious ??? and said "Yes" , he said "follow me, I'm Myles btw". He lead me into this quiet room where about 50 people were sitting with their eyes closed in deep meditation. I sat down and closed my eyes and started to focus on the sound of the running water. I could hear a friendly female voice say "now exhale and let it all go" and did just that. I suddenly felt overwhelmed with serenity.

There were 3 woman at the front of the room and Myles, who held a guitar in his hand. Not knowing what to expect I was completely blown away by the message they spoke of and would follow with a song which was beautifully sung by Lillie Carol Russ. My eyes darted about the room and at first I felt like an outsider, like a fly on the wall, a spectator... but by the end I felt unified with everyone in the room as if we had all just experienced something so magical and amazing.....our bond was going through that journey together. I felt enlightened and elated at the end of the hour. We had all laughed, identified with the stories told and had a much better understanding of the type of person we should be at all times. The idea that there is only this present moment in which we should fully live in. The fact that worrying about problems never resolves them. The importance of finding TRUE forgiveness in your heart for those who have done you wrong in order for you to let it all go and find that place of innocence....of a time when you were a child before feeling betrayed or having  gone through tremendous disappoints and difficulties in life.

The center provides great out reach programs for the community and ways to volunteer your spare  time to help others. This to me is such an exciting thing to be a part of .

For further info here is a link to the center:

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hello Everyone!!!

I've decided to to start a blog here.... I use to blog all the time back in the day when myspace was a hip and happening site. Facebook provides a 'NOTES' area, but I don't like intruding in everyone's space by tagging them in a blog. I hate when I'm tagged in things that seem like an advertisement ect. This seems less intrusive and allows me to write freely.

There is so much going on now....'TWISTED SUNSHINE' the album is almost ready. We have chosen the songs, there will be 13 tracks because 13 is my lucky number!!! The first single is called 'THE LITTLE THINGS' which I wrote with the incredibly talented Christian Ballard. You can take a listen to it by watching the video I posted at the top of the page.  I'm excited as this album will take you on  a musical journey. It is a high energy uplifting album that is sweet and sassy. I will be doing a photo shoot in February for the album cover ect and will have the album mixed and ready to go by March. The date has been pushed back quite a few times, I have found this to be VERY frustrating, but at the same time   I've waited this long to release an album, so I just need to meditate on the word 'PATIENCE' LOL in order for this record to be top quality.

I've experienced some incredible changes in the past few months, moving from Florida to Los Angeles. 2010 was a beautiful year full of amazing travel experiences and my unforgettable gigs in The Philippines!!! I have really found inner peace in the art of accepting every situation instead of resisting. The power of thought is tremendous and I do believe even when life seems undeniably bleak you must somehow maintain a positive attitude. I have submerged myself in the readings of Eckhart Tolle, Joel O'steen, and I am INCREDIBLY inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert  who wrote the famous book Eat Pray Love.  We have a limited amount of energy which should be focused on things that bring positivity into our lives and the lives of others. It is such  a waste to dwell on the past and on people who have let you down. That is their karma and their problem ^_^

I have kept a journal since I was about 9 years old. At first it was mandatory LOL.....My Dad would make me write about major events in the year such as Birthdays, Concerts, Christmas ect ect. I appreciate that because I learned to LOVE writing and reading how my life has evolved. This past year however (2010) I wasn't as disciplined in keeping a journal because I am working on a book called 'MY TWISTED SUNSHINE' which is INSPIRED by True events.  There were so many MAJOR memories in this past year that I wish I had more than a status update on Facebook to read, so here I am.

Welcome to my BLOG....This will be a great place to get to know me, my life, my journeys, thoughts  and experiences!!!!