Saturday, May 26, 2012

BONNIE BAILEY 'THE LITTLE THINGS' Single release 5-29-12

Bonnie Bailey began her journey when Mark Doyle signed her to Hed Kandi and she appeared on many of the early compilations. She scored a UK Top 40 hit with her cover of “Everywhere” and went Top 20 in no less than 10 countries. Her classic anthem “Ever After” has had over 2 million views on youtube and her new material now regularly features on Fierce Angel compilations.

The Little Things is her first major single release and combines her unique vocals with her amazing song writing talent. Bonnie teamed up with producer Christian Ballard to deliver the original version, which has now had a Fierce makeover. A song this good demands a big anthemic mix and Mark Doyle teamed up with Richie Jones as The Fierce Collective to deliver a main room peak time stormer with an essential hands in the air breakdown. The Bassmonkeys deliver a classy, feel-good, sun-drenched piano house mix that demands to be played at any cool pool party. Heading into cooler darker territory we were extremely lucky to secure a mix from Santiago & Bushido who completely re-work the track into a twisted dubby monster

Track listing:

1. Fierce Collective Club Mix
2. Bassmonkeys Club Mix
3. Santiago & Bashido Mix

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